About TPM

tpm coverThe Philosophers’ Magazine is an independent quarterly, founded by Julian Baggini and Jeremy Stangroom in 1997. We’re devoted to publishing philosophy that’s clear, enlightening, and thought-provoking. Our contributors are mainly professional philosophers who care about good writing and about being understood.

You’ll find philosophers of international standing in our pages. Recent contributors include Simon Blackburn, Mary Midgley, Peter Unger, Ernest Lepore, Havi Carel, Holmes Rolston III, Nicholas Rescher, Annette Baier, Ernest Sosa, Duncan Pritchard, Sarah Bakewell, Stephen Stich, Jennifer Saul, Paul Snowdon, Simon Critchley, Barry Stroud, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, David Papineau, Helen Beebee, and Ray Monk. The likes of Kwame Anthony Appiah, Ronald Dworkin, Martha Nussbaum, Peter Hacker, Kit Fine, Elliott Sober, Frank Jackson, Patricia Churchland, Richard Sorabji, David Chalmers and Christine Korsgaard have joined us for interviews.

Each issue features a mix of essays, debates, columns, news and reviews. We sometimes publish single-issue forums with experts writing around the same theme, such as bioethics, uncertainty, artificial intelligence, disagreement, the good life, theism, luck and free will.

TPM is edited by James Garvey.

You can access a free sample issue here.

The TPM Team
Editor: James Garvey
Editorial Associate: Kerrie Grain
Reviews Editor: Jean Kazez
Online Editor: Jeremy Stangroom